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NeoGlobe® firstFrench engine for 3D cartography

The Initiative

Early 2005, ITELIOS teams and S2B came with the idea of integrating a mapping engine into the next Visioplaine platform, that could propose a fascinating user experience, accessible even to non SIG specialists. The platform had to be integrated within a web context and designed as to be functionally customized, a necessary aspect for the representation of business processes.

The Keyhole® solution (which was to become ?GoogleEarth?) clearly met the first criterion, but did not respond as well to the other criteria we had established.

At the end of 2005, thanks to our team's expertise and potential, combined with a visit to San-Francisco, ITELIOS and S2B decide to develop this 3D cartographic engine for the web.

On the 16th of May 2006, ITELIOS and S2B make an official presentation of NeoGlobe® at the "Geo-événement" show that took place in Paris, at Porte de Versailles.



NeoGlobe® is a true geographic information system, offering users a 3D representation interface which enables them to truly immerge in the real world.

NeoGlobe® can very naturally integrate and represent on virtual land all sorts of georeferenced data (topographic bases, vectorial and business data). This enables our solution to go a step further, by proposing a level of functional integration and interactivity, both necessary to the representation of business process.

NeoGlobe® enriches therefore 3D cartography with a new dimension, an essential one, which is the dimension of business, and this aspect represents a powerful competitive advantage compared to the main solutions present on the market.

It offers professionals a solution rich in capabilities, that can perfectly integrate to an Internet platform and that offers a powerful user experience in a 3D environment.

NeoGlobe® is an Itelios/S2B solution.

NeoGlobe® strongly responds to the following issues companies face:

  • users are not cartography systems specialists,
  • the user experience and the ergonomy are major factors that play in favour of adhering to the project,
  • cartography is an important element of the particular enterprise process,
  • the integration of capabilities specific to the business into the core of cartography is a major element for the representation of practices on the field,
  • the project takes perfectly well advantage of the performant collaborative and interactive aspects of Internet technologies.

Standard capabilities

  • dynamic 3D browsing interface on a virtual globe of the Earth
  • declension of NeoGlobe® viewer into a 2D module (compatible to every browser) that can be encapsulated in a thick client (for managing an offline synchronizable mode, for example),
  • mutualised and customized display of the topographic bases,
  • display of all kinds of vectorial data ( route network, maps, ?)
  • restitution of the relief,
  • linear measurement and surface tools and specific data management tools,
  • direct user input of his points of interest, of plots and surfaces (with precision management and association of business attributes),
  • reporting and 3D data representation,
  • recording of the points of view and dynamic transition management,
  • interface customization/skinning,
  • working in full screen mode,
  • possibility to work offline (sept. 06),
  • possibility to integrate services /third party data.

Examples of applications

  • agriculture & agro-industry,
  • tourism/leisure/travel,
  • housing,
  • logistics,
  • home care.