Overview on some achievements

Since its creation, ITELIOS has supported around twenty customers, mainly corporate. Some of the projects we accomplished are :

Quiksilver & Roxy – e-Commerce

In March 2007, Quiksilver wants to create an online sale site at European dimension. The logistic is organized in-house. Quiksilver chooses Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 tools and selects Itelios as a privileged partner for the creation of the e-commerce site. The site was released in September, at the opening of the surfing competition Quiksilver Pro France.

July 2008, the Napali group release the e-commerce web site of his feminin brand ROXY www.roxy-europe.com.. With this new website showing the universe and the dynamism of the brand, Itelios is expanding the e-commerce platform of the group with new capacities of gestion for marketing and media content. To enforce the level of service brought to his customers, a new module of gestion for the web customers support is developped and integrated into the Commerce Server 2007 platform.

S2B ? e-Services / SIG-Cartography

In 2005, S2B wants to release an online platform for business services destined to agriculture. Their ambition is to equip farmers with strongly innovative technological means that would allow them to gain time, to improve the administration of their cultivation, to reduce their input and also to allow them to fully concentrate on the respect of the environment.

Having developed a philosophy of strong and successful partnership, ITELIOS proposes the technological orientations, designs the platform and, within a period of 12 months, it develops Visioplaine®, the online services platform and its 3D cartography engine, NeoGlobe®.

Today, Visioplaine®, with 200 000 ha recorded, becomes one of the reference information systems in the world of agriculture.

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CNED ? Middle Office / Intranet

In 2003, Distance Learning National Center (CNED) wants to rethink their security infrastructure that administrates the activity of the Electronic Campus. CNED chooses ITELIOS. At this date, the solution that was designed and created by Itelios teams supports the administration of the user security of all the CNED's Internet applications, meaning more than 2 million sessions per year.

Surcouf.com ? Middle Office

In 2004, Surcouf.com is looking for a technical partner for the maintenance of its logistic information system (administration of more than 1 million orders per year). Surcouf.com chooses ITELIOS.

In June 2006, Surcouf.com entrusts ITELIOS with the task to remake the logistic information system. The objective is to have an operational deployment for Christmas time.

Fiat ? Mobility

In May 2004, FIAT Group decides to radically change its way of collecting contact information for the Auto Show. Its objective is to completely eliminate paper supports, to have a quality production and to beneficiate from a real-time integration to the brands' CRM.

Fiat calls for consultation and chooses ITELIOS. Itelios proposes different technical approaches and develops a global solution for the global management of the operation by implementing a management and synchronization secure server, linked to lots of Pocket PCs.

Due to the success of the operation, ITELIOS also supported the show in Lyon 2005 and the International Car Show in Paris 2006, on behallf of the same group.


In 2005, Fromageries Bel Group contacts ITELIOS to audit business applications destined to mobile sales people. Our team gives them recommendations and deploys its suggestions that enable the system to function in an operational way.

Since that moment on, ITELIOS has been developing middle office applications that enable the information system of the Group and of its Intranets to be functionnally enriched.

ITELIOS has also been chosen to participate as a partner at the integration of NOHETO content management solution.

Among our other customers:

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